LOBBY Studio Post Production & Duplication

Lobby Main Studio 1150v2The LOBBY Studio is run by Glenn "MAGOO" Aird in the Hills district. One of Sydneys most experienced audio technicians from Festival Records recording studios in Pyrmont. For over the 15 years from 1986 til 2001 I worked in the busiest studios in Australia. My name is credited on countless International and Australian releases and with single, album and promotional credits over 10,000,000 units before the world of downloads and itunes. Many of my credits included achieving national radio, high radio rotation and many are still played today as timeless hits. A large selection of releases went on to achieve ARIA 10 top and number 1 chart positions.
Working in a world class record company studio I had all the professional gear surrounding me that I used everyday. When Festival Studio closed in November 2001 I continued my Post Production and duplication services as a contractor for Festival / Mushroom and expanded my personal studio. Many other record companies and artists wanted to engage my services. You can now deal directly with a true industry professional Glenn Aird, at the LOBBY Studio.

We can output 500 CDR duplication overnight with a thermal print directly onto the disc.

Our other services include Audio Mastering, Post Production editing, 1630 Umatic Digital transfers, Voiceovers, DAT transfers and all files formats including Pro Tools files. All Analogue tape sizes 1/4", 1/2" and 2" tapes with or without Dolby A and Dolby SR noise reduction and every speed can be transfered to a digital format of your choice. We also transfer cassette and Vinyl to CDR / VHS and Betamax video to DVD. 

The LOBBY Studio has professional mobile audio reccording and Public Address hire. Our systems are ready for corporate, conference and sporting presentations events that require clear vocal audio. We deliver even distributed audio coverage, numerous head worn and hand held wireless microphones and audio sources to be amplified.

Now you can experience the knowledge and skills that Australia's largest independent record company used to project their catalogue to the world and Australia during the 90's up to today.
Contact Glenn to set up a meeting to discuss your job and to meet your crazy deadlines 7 days.

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Contact the LOBBY Studio for all your post production & transferring all Analogue tape formats to Digital media & files.
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