Transfer analogue tape to CD

Lobby Studio OtariOver my 30 years in the industry i have seen many formats come and go. Analogue tape has been the prefered format from the 50's into the late 90's. Since I was 16 years old I have been threading analogue tape onto professional tape machines of all sizes.
Many engineers and producers have an opinion on why they prefer the warmth of analogue over digital.
The LOBBY Studio is able to transfer your analogue reel to reel 1/4" or 1/2" tapes with or with out Dolby A or SR. We have a professional tape machine that plays 7.5 ips, 15 ips and 30 ips. We can accept up to a 15 inch reels down to 3 inch. We also have a semi professional analogue tape machine that was used in the domestic market with domestic slower tape speeds. Files are then moved into our Post Prodution unit for mastering or compilation.
We are also able to assist in transferring 2 inch multi track tapes to protools files.

If you are from the late 80's era and have your precious master on 1630 Umatic or DAT tapes then we can transfer these onto CDR or digital files.
We can always transfer your vinyl or cassette onto CDR as well.
Give us a call as we also have the F1 Digital beta in audio format floating around somewhere as well.

For all your transfers and Post Production questions or needs make contact with Glenn. 

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Contact the LOBBY Studio for all your post production & transferring all Analogue tape formats to Digital media & files.
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