CDR Duplication in Parramatta & Castle Hill.

Lobby Studio CDRWith our high quality duplicators and digital thermal printing your CDR or DVDR will look like it came off the a production run at a manufacturing plant.
For sensitive unreleased and confidential jobs we offer personal delivery of your finished stock in and around Sydney suburbs.
The LOBBY Studio can transfer your content from many analogue formats including vinyl records, cassette or reel to reel tape. Our vinyl turntable can also play the old 78 records as well. The digital file can also be supplied as a disk image file on a USB or portable hard drive. A transfer may apply to create the first CDR image. We also accept files via FTP download or just on a disc ready to go.

Our clients also duplicate promotional discs and user manual on compact disc for their local and national business.

On occassions we have taken this corporate hire service off site to your conference or presentation for instant copies to be distributed or sold to your clients directly at the end of your presentation.

After the duplication of your compact disc it is ready for print onto the disc surface using our digital thermal printers. We use white and silver base CDR and DVDR quality stock. Full surface printing is our speciality with your supplied artwork. We can also help you with basic art with text and images if required. 
Every client has different needs and budgets, we can cater to suit all your requirements.
The finished product is delivered on spindle, bags or in a variety of CD / DVD cases.
We specialise in overnight turn around to meet all of your crazy deadlines.
Contact Glenn in the studio to book in your job.

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Contact the LOBBY Studio for all your post production & transferring all Analogue tape formats to Digital media & files.
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