Post Production Editing & Compilation

Lobby Studio Raid Hard DrivThe LOBBY Studio has over 30 years of experience in Post Production Mastering, audio editing and album compilations. 

Your masters may be on numerous formats including analogue tape, 1630 umatic, DAT tape, compact disc or a digital file format. We can also fix your Vinyl records by filtering out the surface noise.
Our first step is to transfer each song to our working digital file format. Our high speed professional Raid drives capture and process the data and is ready for use instantly no matter how long it is.
During this process we are able to edit and add or remove equalization individual frequencies, adjust audio level to create a smoother sounding finished track.
We always supply your master with the maximum audio level. We have professional analogue metering plus our 30 years of industry skill listening to your product in real time.
Many clients require the final master to be delivered in different formats such as PMCD Master or digital file ready for the internet.

All final audio masters are quality controlled by listening to the material in the final sequence in real time.
When your master is finished you can have your CDR duplication done on site with digital thermal printing direct on to the CDR surface. 
Contact Glenn in the studio to make an appointment.

DVD Authoring & Youtube preparation.

The process is different than the audio in our digital video environment. Your masters may be on numerous formats including VHS, Betamax, Betacam, home video format Hi8 or DV format. WE also have access to transfer 8mm & 16mm film to DVD. We are able to adjust and correct colour balance while adding titles to your program. Still images can also be included to create a slide show effect or used in your final file. We can also create your finished DVD menu or add web links and slide shows for bonus features.

The final DVD master can be delivered on DVDR or onto DLT tape.
Contact Glenn in the studio to make an appointment.

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