Transfer your VHS, Betamax and film to DVD

Lobby Studio CDRDo you have old home movies, old VHS and betamax tapes in your cupboard. Want to watch them all again but don't have a film projector or video cassette player anymore.
The LOBBY Studio specialise in transfering your old videos and footage to DVD. Other video formats including betamax and video camera tapes can also be transfered on to DVD.
You may require the video transfer to be included as part of another video file into a corporate video presentation at your conference. The LOBBY Studio can create in our Post Production suite a professional looking video file from numerous formats. Many of our clients like to make a video file of family life to be passed onto others.

Convert Video files for the Internet

Do you have video tapes, home movies from your video camera you would like to put onto the internet. We can convert the content to any video file type you require. We can help you upload to You tube or Instagram. The files can be edited with text overlays or tickers across the bottom of your screen. Watermarks can also be added to your files. A master file can also be delivered onto a DVD or USB for your own back up and then a small file size ready for the internet.

Numerous copies can be duplicated with our DVD duplication system and print a digital thermal image onto your disc.
Our video transfers at the LOBBY Studio are done in the Hills district area and we have a fast turn around.

For all your Post Production questions or needs make contact with Glenn.  

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