Transfer My Vinyl to CDR

Lobby Studio Vinyl to CDRDo you have a precious release on vinyl that you can't find on CD or itunes.
The LOBBY Studio in Winston Hills Hill can transfer your content from analogue vinyl records and cassette. Our range of vinyl turntable can also play all the speeds including 33 rpm 12 inch vinyl albums and 45 rpm 7 inch singles.
The old 78 rpm records are our speciality as we use a different type of stylus as these records were not created to be played with a standard stylus. It makes a great deal of difference to the final result. 

The LOBBY Studio transfers your vinyl or cassette onto CDR. We have professional analogue and digital turntables set up to capture your vinyl with the best result.
Additional service may need to be applied to your recording including reduction of surface noise, removal of vinyl clicks and adding a touch of equalisation if required.

If you still have vinyl you may also have VHS or Betamax video cassettes you would also like to transfer any video / film to make your DVD.

For all your Post Production vinyl to cd questions contact with Glenn Aird in the office.  


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